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LIVE365 Broadcasters - Stay ON-THE-AIR

With the recent closure of live365, many stations are looking for a new Internet stream host.

We can provide the consistent and reliable service that you grew to expect from Live365. Let us help you to keep your station on the air and your loyal listeners tuned in.

We provide media streaming using SHOUTcast, which is one of the most widely used media streaming server software packages used. 

The switch from LIVE365 to SHOUTcast is painless, and we are here to help you.

SHOUTcastStreaming dot US is rated the #1 Stream Host globally by BroadcastingWorld dot COM.  Our service and support is second to none.  We can help you get started by immediately. You can contact us using our TOLL-FREE phone number  / LIVE SUPPORT on website / or Email.

Be back on the air the same day you switch to SHOUTcast with our support. We offer you a seven day free trial to check out our streaming service and see how rock solid our hardware and software infrastructure is. Upload your tracks and manage your broadcasts online; then invite DJs to stream live to your radio station.

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What We Do

FLASH / Mobile Players

FLASH / Mobile Players

We have the only FLASH player on the market that works with AAC+ streams.  5 different players to choose from for SHOUTcast & ICEcast.

Our mobile player works with iPhone & Blackberry & most Android phones.  SHOUTcast streams only.

Stream Verify

Is your station up ? Did your DSL crash ? Get immediate text messages / emails if this should ever happen.  We monitor every 5 minutes. 


Transcoding Save your bandwidth.  Send one stream to us and we will re-broadcast into lower bit rate streams.  Automatically.

SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster Order SAM Broadcaster by Spacial  through us and receive a 10% discount. Software & User Account delivered by Spacial.



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