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12/12/2014 13:13

Transcoders Down

12/12/14 - 1100 (pacific) Issue resolved - netowrk issue. 12/12/14 - 0939 hours (pacific) One of our transcoding servers is down and the data center is looking at the issue. There is no time...

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12/02/2014 01:30

Why Everything Went Down

We use a DNS server company ( http://dnsimple.com ) to host our DNS settings.  If you don't know what this means, if you type in http://shoutcaststreaming.us it really resolves to...

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09/29/2014 16:57

PayPal Issue

9/28/14 - 1355 hours We upgraded our billing software about a week ago.  If you are on a PayPal subscription, some of them aren't being reported to us properly by the API. So, if you get an...

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07/07/2014 03:27

FLASH Players to have maintenance on server

7/7/14 - 0400 Maintenance completed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7/7/14 - 0020 hours The memory is going to be replaced on our server that hosts...

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07/03/2014 22:11

AAC+ Transcoding Resumed

7/3/14 - 1910 hours All AAC+ transcoders are back and running. If you are having issues with your stream, please put in a ticket so we can help.

06/28/2014 12:16

ATTN: Transcoding Customers

6/28/14 - 0600 hours pacific Our AAC+ transcoding server has a disk error and is down.  We are trying to recoved.  All transcoders using AAC+ are also down. Updates will follow.

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06/27/2014 03:28

Hurricane Electric Is Down - SC1 & SC9

0010 - 6/27/14 Issue resolved...

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06/12/2014 01:31

FLASH Player Server Attacks / Upgrade

6/11/14 - 2230 hours We have been hit 2 times within the past week by DdOS attacks which brought down our server. Tonight we upgraded our FLASH server in an attempt to mitigate these attacks. We...

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05/28/2014 22:18

Maintenance on SC1 - May 29th

Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014 Time: 11:00PM PDT Expected Impact: <5 minutes Reason: Software update to increase security and stability.

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05/18/2014 12:13

If You Have A Credit Card Subsription - Please Read

We have cancelled all Credit Card Subscriptions that were created under Bank of America. Our new Credit Card payment processor is 2CheckOut.  You will need to do the following: Create a...

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