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04/19/2014 01:56

SC6 Maintenance Planned

From Our Data Center in Germany: Our network engineering team will upgrading core switching hardware to double available capacity between our edge and distribution routers. This maintenance will...

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04/15/2014 21:47

SC7 Maintenance at midnight

*** Maintenance Completed - Thank you - If your aren't up, please put in a support ticket *** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We need to fix the...

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04/15/2014 11:39

SC9 Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance Window Scheduled Wednesday 16 th April 2014 from 11.00AM PST to 7.00 PM PST Sorry for the  very short notice, We are scheduling a maintenance window for our racks at Fremont Data...

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04/15/2014 11:33

Maintenance on SC1

The Data Center is doing maintenance on SC1 that will last for about 15 minutes on 4/16/14 at 0300 PDT. We apologize for any inconvenience.

03/22/2014 12:30

Mobile SmartPhone Players

0900 hours - 3/22/14 We are migrating the mobile players to the new server. You might experience up to 24 hours of downtime until the DNS resolves.

03/18/2014 12:13

IMPORTANT - Please Read

Getting a ton of customers who apparently have not read our emails / tweets / Announcemnets. If you can't connect or your station is off line. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CHANGED THE IP ADDRESS OF YOUR...

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03/17/2014 15:18

Control Panel Issues with SC7 - **** RESOLVED ****

3/17/14 - 2230 hours The FTP issue is also resolved. All issues on SC7 are resolved....

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03/14/2014 22:31

FLASH player issues

This has now been fixed. Please open a support ticket if you have any additional issues. ____________________________ We are presently experiencing issues with select FLASH players. We are...

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03/14/2014 01:31

FTP Working on SC13

We have installed a new feature .. you can now use FTP with your Control Panel User / Password. For example, you log into SC13 control panel: http://cast.sc13.shoutcaststreaming.us user: c8000...

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03/14/2014 01:01

FTP Working on SC7

We have installed a new feature .. you can now use FTP with your Control Panel User / Password. For example, you log into SC7 control panel: http://cast.sc7.shoutcaststreaming.us user: c8000...

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