Oct 7th Support E-mails

10/07/16 - 1130 hoursWe tried to install a new program that would pipe email responsed into the ticket system, automatically updating the support ticket.The program just sent out dozens of emails to cusomters that shouldn't have been sent.  They were old tickets and the program updated the status and sent out an email.We apologize for these ... Read More »

Sep 1st FLASH Server Down

9/1/16 - 2100 hoursWell FLASH went down for an hour .. back up and it should stay up now.This was a rough day.  We apologize.*******************************9/1/16 - 1330 hoursFLASH p0layers should all be OK now.  If you are having issues, please put in a support ticket.*******************************9/1/16 - 1100 hoursWe had a disk crash and lot ... Read More »

Jan 21st Credit Card Subscriptions

1/21/16 - 2300 hoursIf you pay by Credit Card using STRIPE then automatically every month (or whatever the term is - yearly, quarterly, etc.) the payment will be automatically charged.If you don't want to be automatically charged, you need to put in a support ticket, notifying us.A lot of people do not pay on time and let their payment slide days, ... Read More »

Jan 14th SC1 - Server IP change

1/24/16 - 1900 hoursJust a reminder to change the IP address of SC1 in a few days>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1/14/16 - 2030 hours (pacific)The The IP address of SC1 will change on January 28th.OLD: your encoder is set for: http://sc1.shoutcaststreaming.us ... Read More »

Jan 8th Transcoding Interuption

1/7/16 - 1100 hours (pacific)

We are moving some of our transcders to another server.

You may (or may not) experience some down time.  We expect this to be 1 to 4 hours.

We apoligize for this inconvience.

Sep 17th FLASH Server Issues

9/17/15 - 1600 hours

We have been having some issues today with the FLASH server & Players.

Everything should be back to normal now.

Aug 22nd Credit Cards Accepted

We now accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Diner's Club
  • EnRoute
  • Discover

Aug 17th ** IMPORTANT ** - Change in Credit Card Processing Gateways

8/17/15 - 2000 hoursWe have been using 2CheckOut for the past year or so to process those customers paying by Credit Cards (VISA / MC / AMEX).They have just emailed us and told us they are closing our account because we are cyber locking.  We aren't cyber locking.  They don't even know what that means.You can read about it ... Read More »

Jul 24th Centova on SC15 having Issues

7/24/15 - 2330 hoursCentova has fixed the issue which was due to a bad CRON file.Everything should be back working now.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>7/24/15 - 1200 hoursSC15 Centovacast is throwing errors:http://prntscr.com/7wi2zrand bad gateway.We have put in a ticket with ... Read More »

Jul 20th SC1 Numeric IP Address Change

7/25/15 - 1500 hoursSC1 will change numberic IP address tonight.  Make sure that you are ready.If you have any issues, we will be around to help you.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SC1 is our oldest server (7 years) and is being replaced with a ... Read More »