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02/27/2015 22:42

Support Tickets Not Saving

2243 hours - 02/27/15 We just updated our WHMCS software to 5.3.12 and when trying to save a support it's asking for a CAPCHA response, but there is no image. We just put in a support ticket with...

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02/25/2015 23:38

FLASH Players Issues

2330 hours - 2/25/15 The past few days we have had issues with the FLASH players.  The main issue is a website - http://giss.tv They are hitting us with about 50,000 requsts every few...

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02/11/2015 11:50

** IMPORTANT ** - Maintenance on SC3 - FLASH Players

021215 - 0030 hours It took a few hours longer, but we are back on line. If you are having any issues, please put in a ticket....

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02/10/2015 17:08

FLASH Players buffering

1915 hours - 02/10/15 The disk drive is bad.  It will be replaced on 2/11/15 at 1900 hours.  We will be down for several hours while we move files back. We apologize, but thinks happen....

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02/09/2015 12:18

SC13 crashed

0830 hours - 2/9/15 SC13 had a memory issue and had to be rebooted.

01/20/2015 16:57

PayPal Issue

1/20/15 - 1230 hours Once again we are having issues with PayPal and their API which sends us a notice if your payment. They are working the issue.  We are crediting many payments that have made...

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12/12/2014 13:13

Transcoders Down

12/12/14 - 1100 (pacific) Issue resolved - netowrk issue. 12/12/14 - 0939 hours (pacific) One of our transcoding servers is down and the data center is looking at the issue. There is no time...

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12/02/2014 01:30

Why Everything Went Down

We use a DNS server company ( http://dnsimple.com ) to host our DNS settings.  If you don't know what this means, if you type in http://shoutcaststreaming.us it really resolves to...

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09/29/2014 16:57

PayPal Issue

9/28/14 - 1355 hours We upgraded our billing software about a week ago.  If you are on a PayPal subscription, some of them aren't being reported to us properly by the API. So, if you get an...

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07/07/2014 03:27

FLASH Players to have maintenance on server

7/7/14 - 0400 Maintenance completed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7/7/14 - 0020 hours The memory is going to be replaced on our server that hosts...

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