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04/22/2014 01:21

Upgrading to Centovacast 3.x from 2.x

Centovacast 2.x (presently 2.2.8) is reaching it's end of life and the support will cease to exist in October 2014. Therefore we are upgrading to the new version Centovacast 3.x (presently 3.0.6)...

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04/19/2014 01:56

SC6 Maintenance Planned

From Our Data Center in Germany: Our network engineering team will upgrading core switching hardware to double available capacity between our edge and distribution routers. This maintenance will...

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04/15/2014 21:47

SC7 Maintenance at midnight

*** Maintenance Completed - Thank you - If your aren't up, please put in a support ticket *** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We need to fix the...

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04/15/2014 11:39

SC9 Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance Window Scheduled Wednesday 16 th April 2014 from 11.00AM PST to 7.00 PM PST Sorry for the  very short notice, We are scheduling a maintenance window for our racks at Fremont Data...

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04/15/2014 11:33

Maintenance on SC1

The Data Center is doing maintenance on SC1 that will last for about 15 minutes on 4/16/14 at 0300 PDT. We apologize for any inconvenience.

03/22/2014 12:30

Mobile SmartPhone Players

0900 hours - 3/22/14 We are migrating the mobile players to the new server. You might experience up to 24 hours of downtime until the DNS resolves.

03/18/2014 12:13

IMPORTANT - Please Read

Getting a ton of customers who apparently have not read our emails / tweets / Announcemnets. If you can't connect or your station is off line. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CHANGED THE IP ADDRESS OF YOUR...

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03/17/2014 15:18

Control Panel Issues with SC7 - **** RESOLVED ****

3/17/14 - 2230 hours The FTP issue is also resolved. All issues on SC7 are resolved....

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03/14/2014 22:31

FLASH player issues

This has now been fixed. Please open a support ticket if you have any additional issues. ____________________________ We are presently experiencing issues with select FLASH players. We are...

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03/14/2014 01:31

FTP Working on SC13

We have installed a new feature .. you can now use FTP with your Control Panel User / Password. For example, you log into SC13 control panel: http://cast.sc13.shoutcaststreaming.us user: c8000...

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