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Auto DJ - Automated Disc Jockey

NEW Control Panel for Auto DJ

The new panel will allow you to:

  1. Enter up to 5 DJ passwords

  2. Allow your DJ's to turn ON / OFF Auto DJ with NO access to Centova Control Panel

  3. Passwords can be changed by administrator if a DJ leaves

  4. We are the only Stream Host to have this feature, that we know of

AJAX Media Library - Media Management Simplified

Never again will you need to rely on your own PC to broadcast your stream!

You can upload media (MP3s, etc.) directly to our server via FTP, manage your media through our comprehensive AJAX Media Library system (described below), and schedule your media using our advanced playlist scheduling system (also described below).

This provides a complete, all-in-one solution for setting up an Internet radio station.

The layout of the interface is reminiscent of the media library functionality provided by today's most popular desktop media players. Media can be searched or browsed by artist, album, title, or genre. A track preview feature is also available, which plays a 10-second clip of the selected song(s) to assist in identification.

Once located, tracks can be added to a playlist simply by dragging and dropping them on the desired playlist. Through the use of our advanced playlist scheduling system (described below), this drag-and-drop functionality can be used to instantly schedule the selected tracks to play at a given time, or on a repeating schedule.

It's difficult to grasp the "cool factor" of this system until you've experienced it firsthand. Please try this direct link to the media library on our public demo site to try this feature yourself! User: c7000 Password: demo

Playlist Scheduling Features - Radio Station in a Box

Auto DJ supports multiple playlists for each stream. Each playlist can be configured individually to control precisely how and when it will be played -- at a specific time, on a repeating schedule, or on a rotation schedule with support for ranking by popularity (known as "weighting").

Four types of playlists are available:

  1. General rotation playlists handle the bulk of the media played on your stream. Multiple general rotation playlists can be created, and a different priority or "weight" can be assigned to each playlist to control how often its tracks are played.


    Placing your popular tracks (such as new releases) in a playlist with a "heavy" weight will ensure that they are always played more often than your less popular tracks.

  2. Interval playlists play on a recurring basis, either every few minutes, or after every few songs.


    Interval playlists are ideal for jingles, station identification, commercial advertisements, promotions, or any other media that you'd like Auto DJ Cast to automatically play frequently and repeatedly.

  3. Scheduled playlists play on a specific date, at a specific time. They can optionally be configured to repeat every day, week, month, or year on a recurring schedule.


    Scheduled playlists are ideal for daily/weekly countdowns, pre-recorded shows, weather forecasts, or any other media that you'd like to have Auto DJ play automatically at a specific time.

  4. Immediate playlists play immediately when they are activated. They are ideal for spur-of-the-moment playback of tracks such as requested songs or announcements.

Through a combination of the playlist types offered by Auto DJ, you can achieve total control over your media scheduling, and completely eliminate the need for expensive third-party source software to schedule your tracks.


 (A 10 port server at 128k is included FREE with any Auto DJ order)

  • Auto DJ + 500 Meg Storage - $8.00 per month
  • Auto DJ + 1 Gig Storage - $9.00 per month
  • Auto DJ + 2 Gigs Storage - $10.00 per month
  • Need More Storage?  Storage is $1.00 per Gig over 2 Gigs



Order any Auto DJ plan and get a FREE 10 port server at 128kbps.

If you use our servers to stream, Auto DJ is just added onto your server.  You can access through the Control Panel.  We give you an FTP account to upload your songs to your server.

If you use a server with another Stream Host company, you can still use our Auto DJ.  We give you Auto DJ to stream from, plus a Control Panel and an FTP account.  This stream can be picked up by your 'foreign server' and relayed.  The speed is up to 128 kbps.  If you need any more slots, feel free to order them and we can quickly add them.