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Complete Packages

This is our best value and a great way to get started in Internet Radio.

You get the following:

  • 3 servers - 128k, 64k AND 32k
  • Auto DJ
  • Transcoding (you transmit to 128k server and we re-broadcast to the 64k and 32k servers)
  • Automatic recovery by Auto DJ if your home computer or DSL / Cable line goes off the air

Never be off the air.  Within a minute or two, Auto DJ will detect if you are not broadcasting and fire up and take over your station.  When you recover, just go to the control panel and switch back to your home computer.

The 3 Plans

Package # 128k slots 64k slots 32k slots Auto DJ storage Transcoding
One 10 10 10 5 Gigs mp3 or AAC+
Two 20 20 20 7 Gigs mp3 or AAC+
Three 50 50 50 10 Gigs mp3 or AAC+


Package # Value Your Price
one $53.20 $25
two $71.40 $35
three $144.00 $65




  • Packages will take 24 hours after your payment is confirmed to set up
  • Absolutely NO Changes - You cannot remove 32k server, for example, and add onto 64k server
  • Transcoding will commence 24 hours after you begin broadcasting to 128k server
  • If you do not want the 64k and 32k servers  to be transcoded, and use them separately, that is allowed