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   New Line of FLASH Players

Works with Shoutcast AAC & AACplus / Shoutcast / Icecast

Our NEW Micro BLACK Player - Click to play

  • Horizontal slide volume control
  • Artist / Title Information displayed

Mini Player - Click to play

  • Horizontal slide volume control
  • Real-time visualizer with 6 preset style (click to change)
  • Station information

Micro Player -  Click to play

VU Meter Players - They come in 4 different colors

Click on a player for a demo.



Spectrum Players - They come in 4 different colors


Below is our old original FLASH player. You can change border color


Questions & Answers:

Q: How much does it cost ?

A: VU & Spectrum Players - $3 US per month.  Mini Player - $2 US per month.  Micro Players - $1 US Per month (quarterly)

Q: Are these the actual sizes of the players ?

A: Yes, the size is very close to actual.

Q: I have 3 stations.  Can I use the same player for each station?

A: No, you need one player for each station.

Q: I need to change my Station Name.  Do I need to put in a support ticket?

A: No, the player(s) come with a control panel.  You can set up the following:

  • IP Address

  • Port #

  • Mount Point (Icecast only)

  • Station Name

  • Facebook URL

  • Twitter URL

  • Your e-mail

Q: How can it possibly work for AAC / AACplus streams on Shoutcast ?

A: We transcode the signal for you and the result is AAC or AACplus on FLASH.

Q: Am I limited to how many listeners I may have at any one time?

A: We fairly allow you to have 200 at any one time.  Major station hogs that have thousands of listeners will be charged extra for the bandwidth they use.  For most stations, this is not an issue.

Q: I want to buy the code to put on my website.  Do you sell it ?

A: No, we maintain the code on our servers.  You just purchase a license to use the software.