ShoutcastStreaming was founded in 2006 because we wanted cheap reliable Audio Streaming. Our present hosts went down for 3 days and didn’t answer any tickets for 3 days. We got fed up as we lost many listeners.

The 1st year had it’s up and downs. We immediately picked up hundreds of accounts. We were using Dedicated Servers from a large company in Chicago. They went down for 3 days when their blade router went out. They refused to overnight by FedEx a new one from Qualcom and we lost 50% of our new customers.

We now have highly reliable Data Centers through the worldL

  • LA Data Center – Los Angeles
  • iWeb – Montreal Canada
  • BSB-SERVICE Dedicated Server Hosting – Germany
  • Data Center – Odgen, Utah


We are going to offer video streaming to our customers. Both Live and On-Demand video. It will be hosted on Wowza Servers.

NEW Website

As you can see, we have updated our website, after 10 years of using the original one. It’s about time !!


If you want us to consider anything, let us know. Or if you want a new type of service. We are waiting to hear from you: