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We are a distributor of SAM Broadcaster from Spacial Audio. If you order through us, receive a 10% discount on the list price of $299.

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The SAM Broadcaster Pro built-in advanced audio processor will make your station sound incredible! Features an Equalizer, Gated AGC, Stereo expander, Bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor and clipper. The multi-band processors contain a Compressor, Expander and Limiter for each band!

sam desktop
Get real-time statistics of how many listeners you have in total or on each relay. Instantly see if your listeners like what you are playing or abandoning ship. View the high listener counts so you know what your peak has been for the day. Also get advanced reports on AudioRealm.com as well as extra exposure by being listed on AudioRealm.com.

sam desktop
Queue the next song with Dual Deck. Automate your station to run 24/7, even if you are not there to manage it. Dual Deck players allow you to queue and position the next song while another song is playing – or let Auto DJ take care of it for you. Also allows for professional sounding cross-fading between tracks. The cue channel allows you to preview the songs over headphones before you play it live to the audience.