Technical Support

We have a few ways to get technical support for your station. The very best way is to put in a support ticket. It is seen by ALL of our technician and will get answered in the fastest time. Next best way is LIVE SUPPORT, which is staffed most of the time. The worst way to get technical support is by phone. Usually we are handling billing / sales questions and the phone may be busy or go to voice mail. The 1st way, your request goes out to ALL technicians, the next two ways, only one person sees your request. Please try to put in a ticket, as it’s the fastest way to help you.

Support Hours

These are our support hour (below). All times are Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00)
Monday – Saturday: 0800 hours – 2000 hours
Sunday: Closed


In this section, we post anything that is pertinent. Information on servers / SHOUTcast news / Server information / etc.
Check here before opening up a support ticket.


We have dozens of tutorials, both video and regular to help you set up and maintain your streaming. Many of your questions can be answered here before asking for technical support. Sometimes seeing something printed out will help you see the solution. We have tutorials on Auto DJ / Control Panel / Intro Files / SHOUTcast version 2 support / getting listed on SHOUTcast & iTunes / help with SAM / and many others.


Tools to Diagnose problems with your stream (WinMTR), SHOUTcast DSP Plugin, Stats International and many more.

License Your Stream

If you don’t pay royalties to ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, etc. for the music you play, you run the risk of legal action against you. We thought we were OK until we received that certified letter from ASCAP. You may hide for a while, they will find you.

If you get licensed from each company (ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange), you will pay thousands of dollars a year. They way to go is to use a blanket coverage policy that can be obtained from Stream Licensing.
License Stream
Your station can have it’s own custom content and HTML web pages at no extra charge. This allows you to open your branded players and launch links under our domain to satisfy US copyright rules. Using your custom content folder, your listeners go seamlessly from your website to your launch page under our domain and will not know the difference.
Stream Licensing