Who We Are

ShoutcastStreaming dot US was started in 2006 by 2 people who grew tired of using Stream Hosts that used servers that were always crashing or buffering.

So we decided to start out with 1 LINUX server and put our own stations on it. A few months later, other friends kept on asking about our stations and why we never buffered. When we told them we were running it ourselves, they requested that we let them on our server for a fee. From there we just kept on growing and growing. A few pitfalls the first year .. one Data Center in Chicago that kept on dying and another in France that had a fire and lost our server among others. But we learned a good lesson .. there are cheap Data Centers and then there are reliable Data Centers. After our 1st year, we only used those dependable Centers.

Each of our techicians have over 10 years of Internet Broadcasting. We have used SHOUTcast, ICEcast & Windows Media for our stations. So when you put in a ticket, we will know the answer. We answer all tickets within 4 hours and always make sure that you are happy with the solution.

Our support is rated #1 of all Stream Hosts by BroadcastingWorld dot COM.

Of course there are some things that we won’t help you with. We do not do websites and if you need help to get your website modified, please don’t ask us. But if you need help with Internet Broadcasting, then you’ve come to the right place.