What Is Transcoding ?

If you don’t have a lot of bandwidth, transcoding can help. It takes one stream (a SOURCE) and breaks it up and re-broadcasts into several streams with different Bit Rates / Formats (the OUTPUTS).

So for example, you can send one SHOUTcast stream at 128 kbps to us and we can split it into a 32 kbps MP3 and a 64 kbps AAC+ stream. The combinations are limitless. The only rule is the output stream(s) should be a lower Bit Rate than the Source stream. The reason is the quality will be degraded if you try to send it to a higher Bit Rate (eg. sending a 128 kbps > 256 kbps).

We are one of the handful of Stream Hosts that provide this service. It is CPU intensive and most companies do not have the resources to do it. Also we are the cheapest transcoding provider out there. Only $5.00 US for the 1st output and $3.00 US for each additional output stream. Compare that to the UK company charging $13.00 US for the 1st output.