tv station

TV Station

Have you ever wanted to start you own TV Station but don’t have a million dollars for the initial hardware / software costs?  Well you can do that here for as low as $25 per month.

Think of it as Auto DJ for Television.  Upload your videos to our server then make up a playlist for the day or week and begin to reach out to all of the viewers in the world.

Firstly you have to upload you video(s) to our server.  Then make a Playlist for each time period.  You can have the playlist repeat or play once.  An overview calendar shows all the videos (play lists) scheduled to stream.


Playback types are:

MPEG Dash / Apple HLS / Adobe RTMP / Adobe HDS / Microsoft Smooth Streaming / RTSP / RTP

See our Knowledgebase Tutorials for a more descriptive picture of what features are available.

When you order, you will get immediate set-up. An email will be sent to you within minutes of the order.

Storage Space
Concurrent Viewers Price/Mo Order
 TV Station Plans
(Email us for larger requirements)
5 Gigs 10 Gigs 100 $25.00 order
15 Gigs 25 Gigs 100 $40.00 order
35 Gigs 50 Gigs 100 $60.00 order
60 Gigs 120 Gigs 100 $99.00 order
80 Gigs 160 Gigs 200 $149.00 order
100 Gigs 200 Ggigs 200 $199.00 order


Video TV Station

Full support for HTML 5 media player compatible with MP3 and AAC streams.

Calendar of Shows

See what’s playing for every hour of the month. Change playlists to update what is shown.

Streaming Types

Live Streaming, Low Latency Live Streaming, Ondemand, Shoutcast Relay, IPCAM Relay, TV Station