VOD ShoutcastStreaming is a video and audio hosting service specializing in complete streaming support for all major video and audio formats. ShoutcastStreaming offers on demand streaming, live broadcast streaming, secure streaming, and encoding services. We believe, after evaluation, you will find ShoutcastStreaming to lead in features, service quality, performance, support and cost at all cost levels.

Our On Demand streaming accounts include full support for Windows media, Flash and QuickTime. Our streaming video accounts will allow you to stream your video over the Internet using optimized streaming infrastructure. If streaming video will benefit your organization, you’ve come to the right place. ShoutcastStreaming is one of few, and perhaps the only video host, providing support for all major formats through one streaming video account. Our Control Panel will provide direct links to each file in your account. The service provides all possible link types for each file, including streaming, progressive download and file download.

When you order, you will get immediate set-up. An email will be sent to you within minutes of the order.

Storage Space
Concurrent Viewers Price/Mo Order
Plans (great value)
1 Gig 5 Gigs 100 $15.00 order
10 Gigs 15 Gigs 100 $25.00 order
25 Gigs 50 Gigs 100 $50.00 order
50 Gigs 150 Gigs 100 $99.00 order
60 Gigs 200 Gigs 200 $149.00 order
70 Gigs 350 Ggigs 200 $199.00 order
Professional Plans (for very large projects)
100 Gigs 750 Gigs 400 $349.00 order
200 Gigs 1,500 Gigs 500 $599.00 order
300 Gigs 3,000 Gigs 600 $999.00 order


Dynamic Ondemand Playlists

  • Powered by Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Flash Streaming (true streaming, support for H.264, On2VP6, etc.)
  • Mobile Streaming (true streaming, support for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, and more)

nDVR + Transcoding

Experience the best in streaming technology with full support for nDVR and Transcoding functionality.

HTML5 JWPlayer

JWPlayer is compatible with all media types including nDVR and Transcoder.

*Paid JWPlayer license may be required for full functionaity.