Video Streaming


Video On Demand

Upload your videos to our servers and allow your viewers to click on whatever video they want to watch. No longer do they have to wait to see a video, they can pick and choose any video they want to see. Viewers can use VLC, FLASH or Starlight to view videos on their desktop or iPhone or Android or Blackberries on their smartphones. Tablets also work.

TV Station

TV Station

Upload your videos and create a calendar of shows by day / time. Schedule by the hour / day / week. You can set up your TV Station to play videos (or playlists) at an assigned time and stop them at an assigned time, or have the next video play in the next time slot. Think of this as Auto DJ for Video. VDJ maybe ?

Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Coming Soon.
Pretend you are a large TV station broadcasting live events, such as basketball games, church events, live news, weather, anything you can imagine. Broadcast live to YouTube or FaceBook. Choose between Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime. We offer support for each live streaming type. The most popular are Windows Media and Flash. We supports the newest codecs for each format (i.e. H.264, Windows media video 9, VC-1, etc.).

Video on Demand Examples:

Our custom player allows you to:

Change the playersize, add in different languages, full and small screen, and many other features.

The control panel give you the ability to:

Add / Change / Delete files, see how much disk space you have left, view statistics on viewers and much more.