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12 Days Of XMAS Blowout Sale


75% OFF EVERYTHING We Sell (Except Dedicated Servers)

20% OFF Our Dedicated Servers

Now you can have the very best bandwidth at the very lowest price.  If you were waiting for the right price to start your station of double your listener base, this is it !! 

  • EVERYTHING we sell is 75% Off
  • Shoutcast, Icecast 2 or Windows Media Servers (200 concurrent listener max)
  • Auto DJ
  • Transcoding
  • Packages (#1, #2, #2A or #3) or Complete Packages (#1, #2 & #3)
  • Centovacast Control Panel is included
  • GEO IP stats / Graphs / Historical record of listeners on all servers (except WM - MPM Stats included)

  • Dedicated Servers Are Discounted 20% off
  • CLICK HERE to view our Dedicated Servers

DISCOUNTED PRICE will continue every month as long as you remain a customer and stay current.


Just place an order and use promotional code 'day12' (without quotes) when you check out or use 'dedi' if you are ordering the Dedicated Server. 

NOTE: Since We Will Be Deluged With Orders, It will take 24 - 72 hours to Fulfill Your Order.  Please Understand.  This Is Our Biggest Sale EVER.