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Technical Support

We will try to provide our customers with tutorial and information to help get your radio station on the air and keep your listeners.

If there is anything that you would to see us add or want to contribute to this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How To Use Your Control Panel

Here's a manual for our control panel:  Download the PDF file

What The Shoutcast Settings Do

You have the ability to relay your station, block IP addresses, change server passwords, have an Introduction file for listeners and much more.  Take the tutorial.

How To Market Your Station

Check back, information coming.





Services That We Recommend We have experience with the support team below and highly recommend them.

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SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcasting Software


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OtsDJ Broadcast Software


Royalities - StreamLicensing


Radio Tool Box - Help for the Broadcaster

Support For Broadcasters