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Transcoding - New Lower Pricing

Only $ 5 per month - ANY format - 2nd and more streams $3 per month

FREE Output Server with 10 Listeners

SHOUTcast - version 1 (MP3)
SHOUTcast - version 2 (MP3)
ICEcast - version 2 (MP3)
ICEcast v2 - OggVorbis
ICEcast v2 - Ogg FLAC
Windows Media

NOTE:  We will supply 1 OUTPUT server (10 listeners) for FREE.  If you need more listeners, our normal rates apply.  Good deal.

PRICING per month $ US
Input - 1 stream / Output - 1 stream $5.00
Input - 1 stream / Output - 2 streams $8.00
Input - 1 stream / Output - 3 streams $11.00
Input - 1 stream / Output - 4 streams $14.00
Input - 1 stream / Output - 5 or more streams $17.00

You supply the INPUT Server and we will give you an free OUTPUT Server with 10 Listeners (up to 128kpbs).  Want more listeners? No problem, just add that onto your order at our low prices.  If you want to supply both the INPUT & OUTPUT servers, that's fine also.

What is Transcoding?  It allows you to take a stream at one bit rate (128 kbps, for example) and re-broadcasts it at either a different speed or different format.

This saves you both CPU and bandwidth.  Our servers do all the work for you.

We have the LOWEST price of ANY Stream Host for transcoding.  In fact, only 3 or 4 Stream Hosts do Transcoding out of 50 or more hosts?  Why?  Because it takes a lot of CPU and Memory to do it.  It just eats up the resources of the server.  We use Dual QUAD Core servers with 32 Gigs of memory. 

If you have priced transcoding, you will find out that we are the absolute cheapest that you can find.  In fact, most Stream Hosts don't do transcoding, as it takes a high degree of technical difficulty to keep it on-the-air 24 / 7.

We run a CRON job that checks your output server(s) every few minutes.  If you stream is off the air, the software will re-start your transcoder.  Dead air held to a minimum.  Other hosts don't do that.  You go down with them and you are down for hours or days




Why we excel at Transcoding:

  • We do ALL formats - Windows Media, ShoutCast, Icecast & AAC / AAC+.

  • Our proprietary software checks your stream every 5 minutes or less and if down, re-starts the stream. 

  • Our prices are the best in the business.

  • Set-up up is fast.  24 hours or less.