Configuration Settings for Shoutcast DNA's

This should be set to ANY.
If you have more than one IP address and you want to be referenced by just one unique one, enter the IP address here.

This is the port on the server where the broadcast originals from. It is assigned to you Shoutcast Streaming.

You can change your password for your stream. The password allows you to start your stream. It cannot be left blank. This password differs from the administrative password, as this one will NOT allow the broadcast to KICK his server.

If you don't want other machines to pick up your stream for re-broadcasting, set it to .. otherwise set it to the default setting of ANY.

If you wish to turn off logging, set this value to none. Otherwise, use the default of sc_serv.log, which will keep track of Shoutcast messages.

This password must be set, cannot be left blank. In addition to the normal broadcasting password, this one will allow the user to KICK, BAN and RESERVE hosts.

If your stream is interrupted, this setting tells the DNA's what to do. If set to YES, it will disconnect all listeners. The default setting is NO.

This will specify how many seconds to allow the stream to be idle before disconnect the listeners. The default setting is 30 (seconds). If you set this to 0 (seconds) it will never disconnect the listeners. Zero is recommended if you have remote DJ's that kick the stream when they broadcast.

When a new listener connects, this will play a liner (Welcome to our station, etc.) when they first tune in. IMPORTANT: the mp3 file must be the same kbps rate of your stream. So if you are using 128kbps / 44.1kHz, your Intro file must be the same.  Set to ENABLED to set up (see SC panel tutorial).

This file will be played over and over again, if you go off the air for whatever reason. Again, this file must have the same setting as your stream.  Set to ENABLED to set up (see SC panel tutorial).

If you want this stream NOT to be picked up and rebroadcast by another server, set to NO. Otherwise, set it to YES.

If you set this to NO, you will not be listed on the Shoutcast Directory. Default is YES.

The name of the file which allows IP addresses to have a reserved slot. It is recommended to leave the name of the file alone.

If you only want certain IP addresses to hear this stream, set to YES. Default is NO.

Default is YES.

Default is YES.

You can change how many songs are listed in your Shoutcast DNA screen from 10 to 20.

If you want to track YP touches, set to YES, which is the default

Default recommended setting is NO

Enables W3C logging, which accounts for every track played. Useful if hove a tool that have a reporting system. Default is YES.

The name of the log file. Recommended to keep the default name.

Recommended to keep this set to OFF. If turned on, it takes more time to broadcast your station, which might result in rebuffering.

If you want to take a stream from another server, enter the Port # here. Default is blank.

The IP address of the station you want to re-broadcast. If there is nothing being played by this IP / Port, your station will have 'dead air'.

Enter the name of your station, which will be displayed on Listening Agents. EXAMPLE: La's HOT Country

Recommended leaving at none

Default, Always or Never. Any setting other than default will override the public status of the source plug-in or of a SHOUTcast server that is being relayed

8192 is the default. Recommend setting.

Default is undefined. If you want to disconnect a listener after one hour, enter 60.

Default setting is NO. If you are getting errors in a program which looks at your statistics, try setting this to YES.