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Did you ever have a power outage, or lose your DSL line and your station goes off the air?

Not anymore with our new service STATION UP-TIME. 

We monitor your ShoutCast DNA's and if we find that your main feed is down, we automatically pick up the station with our Auto DJ.  We check every minute or so and insure that your listeners will always hear your broadcast 24/7.

How does it work?

Our Linux servers execute a CRON job every minute or so.  By using protocols we can detect if your station is on or off the air.

If you are off the air, we automatically kick in your Auto DJ to resume normal programming.  Easy, huh?

If you are an iTunes station, you really want to stay on the air to keep your presence on iTunes.  And even if you are not, you still want to keep your station always available to your listeners.

When your PC or DSL problem is resolved, just shut down Auto DJ and resume your normal programming.  And feel protected, as our STATION UP-TIME will again monitor your broadcast status.

What Do I Need To Get Started

  • Auto DJ Account with 100 megs to 2 Gigs of storage for mp3's
  • Tell us how often to monitor (1 minute to 5 minutes)
  • Your main server should be with us (SCS)


  • Auto DJ (100 Meg Storage) + STREAM UP-TIME - $13.00 per month
  • Auto DJ (200 Meg Storage) + STREAM UP-TIME - $15.00 per month
  • Auto DJ (500 Meg Storage) + STREAM UP-TIME- $17.00 per month
  • Auto DJ (1 Gig Storage) + STREAM UP-TIME - $18.00 per month
  • Auto DJ (2 Gig Storage) + STREAM UP-TIME - $20.00 per month





  1. Upload mp3's via FTP
  2. Give us details of your server (IP / Port / Password, etc.)*
  3. Go into Control Panel and set up backup Playlist
  4. Sit back and relax

 FTP Upload

  • Use any FTP client to upload your mp3's to our server.
  • We recommend FileZilla, but you can use any client
  • Drag your songs into a Playlist
  • Upload any Station ID's / Liners and play them after every 'xx' songs

 Auto DJ Control Panel

  • The exact same features are available to our normal Auto DJ users
  • View statistics of Listeners, Listen Clients, GeoIP stats, etc.
  • Schedule different Playlists by Day of Week, Time of Day, or at a scheduled time.
  • Play songs by Light, Standard or Heavy rotation






* - Note: If you elect to use your own servers instead of SCS servers, we will not guarantee all features will work.