SC7 has been migrated to NYC Data Center

2220 hours pacific - 6.18.20

The migration of SC7 from CloudSoutn in Florida to HiVelocity in New York is complete.

The new IP of SC7 is

18th Jun 2020
New SC7 IP (again)

6/15/20 - 2235 hours (pacific time)We apologize for the downtime of the new SC7 located in Florida (CloudSouth).  The Data Center hosts WordPress, a huge internet company, so we assumed they would be reliable.  They had 2 outages, one on 6/5/20 for 6 hours and one on 6/7/20 for 2 hours.  They blamed it on an Internet carrier, Cogent, which had ... weiterlesen »

15th Jun 2020
SC7 ISSUES - New SC7 Server

6/11/20 - 1400 hours (pacific)The new server to replace SC7 has been very stabel.We plan to replace the present SC7 (in Florida) with the new one.The transistion date will be announced soon.<><><><>6/10/20 - 1800 hours (pacific)SC7 has major issues on 6/5/20 (for 6 hours) and 6/7/20 (for 1 hour).We have obtained a new ... weiterlesen »

10th Jun 2020
SC1 not responding

1306 hours - pacific

Issue Resolved.


1330 hours - pacific

SC1 isn't responding.

We just put in a support ticket with the Data Center.

8th Jun 2020
SC7 down

2315 hours - updateBack up.<><><><> 2200 hours - UPDATEHere is the latest from the Data Center:Hello,We apologize for the inconvenience, we are still working with Cogent in resolving the network issue.We apologize for missing your call, we are trying to answer everyone's questions and concerns as soon as we can.We will ... weiterlesen »

5th Jun 2020
SC7 IP Change

05/21/20 - 2100 hours (pacific)DNS change of SC is complete.The new numeric addriss of SC7 is: you have any questions, please put in a suppsort ticket.<><><><>05/20/20 - 1146 hoursThe IP change for SC7 will happen at 8 PM (pacific time) on May 21st.The new IP address is: you have any questions, ... weiterlesen »

20th May 2020
SC6 Maintenance

0015 hours - 5/5/20
The Daya Center will be doing maintenance on SC6 on 5/11/20 & 5/13/20.

Hours are between 8 PM and 3 AM CEST (Central Europe summer time).

SC6 May be down for up to 60 minutes.

5th May 2020
New IP address on May 21 for SC7

As we have said, SC7 will be moving from its Data Center in Montreal.  This is being done as iWeb has filed for Chaoter 11 bankruptcy and we don't want any disruptions because of that.  We have been on SC7 for 8 years with great service.  However, that could change at any moment.  Therefore, we have to take the precautionary step to move away ... weiterlesen »

3rd May 2020
SC7's Database (mySQL) is down

4/10/20 - 2230

We are working on it now.


About 1 - 2 hours and we'll be back.


4/10/20 - 2345

SC7 is back working again.

10th Apr 2020
SC7 news

Our Data Center, iWeb in Montreal, has just filed for Chapter 11.  This comes as a shock to us.

We may have to migrate SC7 to another Data Center.

If we have to move, the numeric IP will change.

More information as it becomes available.

23rd Mar 2020