Apple iOS 11 Issues

12/12/17 - 2010 hours

It looks like SHOUTcast version 1 will not on the new iPhone iOS 11.

SHOUTcast version 2 will work.  So, if you are having issues, then you need to upgrade.  Version 1 is 9 years old and is no longer supported.

12th Dec 2017
Los Angeles Fires Burned down our ranch

The Los Angeles Fires, the Creek fire, burned down the ranch where my horse was boarded.  Thank goodness 80 horses were safely evacuated from Gibson Ranch in Shadow Hills, CA.However, the boarders including me and my friends lost thousand dollars in tack (horse equipment).  I lost 2 saddles / reins / headstalls / blankets / pads / medicines / ... Ler Mais »

10th Dec 2017
Support May Be Slow Today due to Los Angeles Fires

12/05/17 - 1300 hours

Massive fires in Los Angeles are causing evacuations.  If we don't respond quickly today, that is the reason.

5th Dec 2017
MP3 files wont play on iPhone iOS 11 version

11/14/18 - 1646 hours (pacific time)

The newest version of iPhone iOS, version 11, has will not play MP3 files, reported by a lot of people.

The workaround is to switch to SHOUTcast version 2.xx if you are using version 1.  

Please put in a ticket if you need more information.

14th Nov 2017
FLASH and Mobile Players

11/5/17 - 0900 hours (pacific)Happy Daylight Standard Time !!All issues with our FLASH & Mobile & SmartPhone players should have been resolved.All issues with billing & support ticket system should have been resolvdd.If not, please email us, if you can't get to your client area.=============================11/4/17 - 1930 hours ... Ler Mais »

3rd Nov 2017
VPS Server Down

10/10/17 - -218 hoursThe Data Center has fixed the issue.  It was a bad NIC and / or cable.We are bringing back the VPS's one by one.  If you are not up, you should be soon.  If not, please put in a support ticket..===================10/20/17 - 0115 hoursSC19, which is a VPS server isn't responding.We just put in a ticket with the Data ... Ler Mais »

20th Oct 2017
Do not do SUPPORT via email

10/9/17 - 1240 hoursWe have said this over and over again, but nobody listens.\Do NOT reply to an email for support and do not email us for support.Only use your Client Area for support / tickets.From now on, if you try to do support via email, it will be deleted and not answered.We receive 500 spam emails per day and culling through them for a ... Ler Mais »

9th Oct 2017
SC6 Operating System Update on 10/5/17 at 9 PM

0800 hours (pacific) - 10/5/17

We are upgrading the CenTOS Operating System on SC6 at 2100 hours today.  

All stations may be off the air for 1 to 3 minutes during the upgrade.

5th Oct 2017
SC6 not responding

0100 hours (pacific) - 9/6/17DC managed to get the server back online.  SC6 should be working again.If you are having any issues please put in a Support Ticket .. no calls, please.-------------------------2330 hours (pacific) - 9/5/17We are doing a backup of all files on SC6 right now.  DC thinks the disk may be bad, so we wanted to get the ... Ler Mais »

5th Sep 2017
ASCAP License Notice to SL Customers

070617 - 1530 hours (Pacific) - THIS IS OUR LAST UPDATE ... we don't want to be involved in this soap opera.ASCAP has responded .. see statement below. Max DiMasgistris, the account manager for ASCAP. Here's the story from ASCAP's side. They found SL in breach of their contract and over the course of many weeks, attempted to contact the ... Ler Mais »

6th Jul 2017