SC9 / SC13 / SC15 UP

2230 hours - 4/28/19

The move is complete and all servers are back on-line. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

28th Apr 2019
Down time for SC9 / SC13 / SC15

1000 hours - 4/27/19

*** IMPORTANT *** Down time for SC9 / SC13 / SC15 .. due to a move to new server rack, these servers will be ‘down’ for a few hours on 4/27 or 4/28.

We apologize, but our Data Center gave us no lead time  

27th Apr 2019
VPS interruption

4/26/19 - 2300 hours (pacific)

Our Data Center had an emergency and had to take one of our VPS servers down. 

They are moving it to another rack. 

It should be back on-line shortly. 


4/26/19 - 2359 hours (pacific)

All VPS servers back on-line.

26th Apr 2019
HTML5 Player

2100 hours - 04/15/19

Our player has been delayed.

Some good news for some people who have been requesting suggestions.

In addition to Twitter / Facebook / iTunes .. we will add in YouTube / Linkedin / Google+ / Pinterest / eMail.

Our release date in now mid May 2019.,

15th Apr 2019
DNS for new SC8 has been changed

2000 hours (pacific) - 4/5/19To allievate any more server crashing / lockups .. we have changed the IP address of SC8 to the new server.Please use this IP: SC8.The control panel is either: you you have any issues, please put in a support ticket. Több... »

5th Apr 2019
New SC8 server is available

2000 hours (pacific) - 4/4/19We have expidated roll-out the new SC8 server and it is ready for use.Hree is the new IP address: the control panel is: can switch over now (or wait to see if the old SC8 comes back) ... the Data Center hasn't answered our ticket yet.I've tested on my station ... Több... »

4th Apr 2019
SC8 down / new SC8 server

1900 hours - 4/4/19

SC9 is down at present, probably due to more disk errors.  We are trying to re-start it.

The good news is the NEW SC8 server will be ready next wook.  Here is the new IP:

We will run both SC old and new for 1 week when on 4/20/19, the old one will go away.

4th Apr 2019