Autohash - How To Get Listed

This is new with SHOUTcast 2.  In order to get listed on the Yellow Pages (YP) or even to have your stream play in WinAmp, you must create an Autohash.  This is free.  It just contains information about your station.

Open up a browser and enter the URL address of your stream.  Our Stream is:  .. Click on Admin Login and you should see this page.  If not, try another browser or close it and re-open it.

SC2 Autohash


SC2 Autohash

and it will bring up the following screen:

SC2 Autohash

We must enter all information to get listed (or you can prefer NOT to get listed).  You still have to enter all the information.

SC2 Autohash

This is important, as this is how you will get listed in the Yellow Pages (YP).  It should be a clear concise description of your station.

Next enter search keywords so that anyone who is searching for your station can find it.

SC2 Autohash

Make sure you also enter the Genre, Website URL, Country of Origin and Language.

SC2 Autohash

If you DO NOT WANT TO GET LISTED check the Make Primary Service Private.  Most all stations will leave this UNCHECKED.  Then you will get listed.  It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to get listed.

Then just push CREATE AUTOHASH and you are finished.  If you need to change any information after you are listed, go back to the beginning and a different screen will appear askiny you if you want to MODIFY or DELETE the Autohash.

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