SSL Streams

  • 25th May 2023
2030 hours - 5/25/23 SSL streams coming  back to normal. ================== 1620 hours - 5/25/23 Still not working .. we are still working on a fix. ================== 0930 hours - 5/25/23 We are forecasting that the SSL streams will be back around 1020 hours (pacific time). ================= 0900 hours - 5/25/23 The SSL streams are ...
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Google RED warning on our HTML5 player

  • 5th May 2023

5/5/23 - 2230 hours

Today, Google has put up a red warning on our HTML5 player.

Nothing has changed on our side.

We are trying to resolve this with Google, but it might take days, if not weeks to resolve it.

Our player is SAFE .. there should not be a warning as most all our players are SSL enabled.

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SC1 Issues

  • 18th April 2023

4/18/23 - 1420 hours

SC1 is having DNS issues.

The DNS record(s) will resolve within 24 hours.


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Centovacast on SC7 having issues

  • 1st March 2023

3/1/23 - 1900 hours

Stations are reporting as "OFFINE" and that is not true.  It's reporting incorrectly, they are running perfectly.

We put in a ticket with Centovacast.

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