HTML5 Player

2100 hours - 04/15/19

Our player has been delayed.

Some good news for some people who have been requesting suggestions.

In addition to Twitter / Facebook / iTunes .. we will add in YouTube / Linkedin / Google+ / Pinterest / eMail.

Our release date in now mid May 2019.,

15th Apr 2019
DNS for new SC8 has been changed

2000 hours (pacific) - 4/5/19To allievate any more server crashing / lockups .. we have changed the IP address of SC8 to the new server.Please use this IP: SC8.The control panel is either: you you have any issues, please put in a support ticket. Read More »

5th Apr 2019
New SC8 server is available

2000 hours (pacific) - 4/4/19We have expidated roll-out the new SC8 server and it is ready for use.Hree is the new IP address: the control panel is: can switch over now (or wait to see if the old SC8 comes back) ... the Data Center hasn't answered our ticket yet.I've tested on my station ... Read More »

4th Apr 2019
SC8 down / new SC8 server

1900 hours - 4/4/19

SC9 is down at present, probably due to more disk errors.  We are trying to re-start it.

The good news is the NEW SC8 server will be ready next wook.  Here is the new IP:

We will run both SC old and new for 1 week when on 4/20/19, the old one will go away.

4th Apr 2019
SC8 more disk errors

2119 hours - 03/22/19We are getting more disk errors on SC8 and it has froze up again.Seems it does this every few weeks.The Data Center wants to take it down for 5  - 8 hours and do testing on the server.  However, we don't want to do that, as that is a lot of down time.Our suggestion is we get a brand new server / put the backup from SC8 on it ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2019
SC8 disk errors

0800 hours - 3/1/19SC8 appears to be having disk errors and we put in a ticket with the Data Center.More news as we receive information from the DC.========================================0830 hours - 3/1/19SC8 was re-started and is back up.  However, the disk is still questionable.If you get ANY errors, please immediately put in a support ... Read More »

1st Mar 2019
SC8 is frozen

1330 hours - 02/21/19

Server reboot.  Back working.


1300 hours - 2/21/19

SC8 has stopped responding.  We are rebooting it.  Should be back shortly.


1310 hours - 02/2/1/19

Server SC8 is back up, but the data base has errors.  We are working on it.

21st Feb 2019
SC8 is being rebooted

2/14/19 - 1900 hours

An issue reported by a broadcaster has caused to reboot this server.  It should be back online momenterily.


2/14/18 - 1930 hours

SC8 is back working again.  Thanks for your patience.

14th Feb 2019
SC15 Server Maintenance

2/9/19 - 2200 hours

We need to re-start SC15 on Sunday 0000 hours (Pacific Time) for a kernel upgrade.

Your startion will be 'down' for 5 to 10 minutes during this time.

We apologize for this, but it's been over 1 year since we had to do this.

8th Feb 2019
New HTML5 Player / FLASH end of life

1/16/19 - 1700 hoursFLASH is being discontinued soon.  Our FLASH players have been reported to not work correctly is some browsers, such as the latest CHROME version.So we are bringing out a new series of HTML5 browsers that will work with CHROME and all other browsers.FLASH has reached it's end of life.Expected release date is sometime in ... Read More »

16th Jan 2019