SC7 updated software - have to reboot

  • 29th November 2023

11/29/23 = 2225 hours

We updated the system software on SC7 and have to reboot it.


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SSL streams having issues

  • 28th November 2023

11/28/23 - 1800 hours

SSL streams having issues .. we are working on it.

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Back to Normal

  • 29th August 2023

8/29/23 = 1950 hours (pacific daylight time)

SSL and SC13 are back working again.  Thank God.

The only thing not working the the control panel to change your SSL password.  If you need a change .. put in a ticket and we will manually do it.

We apologize for the down time.

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SC13 major issues

  • 29th August 2023

8/29/23 - 1300 hours

Both SSL and SC13 still not working.

We worked on the issue all through the wee hours of last night.

No ETA yet.


We are having major issues with SC13. Hopefully we will be back up by this afternoon.

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