070617 - 1530 hours (Pacific) - THIS IS OUR LAST UPDATE ... we don't want to be involved in this soap opera.

ASCAP has responded .. see statement below.

Max DiMasgistris, the account manager for ASCAP.

Here's the story from ASCAP's side. They found SL in breach of their contract and over the course of many weeks, attempted to contact the principals at SL. These calls and emails went unanswered, forcing ASCAP to terminate their agreement with SL. They related that they have tried numerous times to reengage with SL, and these attempts have also been unsuccessful. They state that currently SL is NOT a licensee and any relicense agreement would be starting from scratch and could take many months to complete.

They apologize for the bad link in their earlier email and have sent an email with a corrected link for licensing at $200/year.

Max gave his permission [us] me to share all of this information with the community and invites anyone with questions to call him directly.


070617 - 1044 hours (Pacific)

Here is a message from the CEO of SL, Anthony Hernandez, in response to the issue:

StreamLicensing Team,

Let the customers know that SL will protect and indemnify them. SL is fighting to be fair. ASCAP has overcharged us and they knew and were aware that we are in an audit to get a credit. Savings that we will pass along to our customers. This is a battle of US (SL & our customers) vs. ASCAP!

We will be releasing a legal statement to send to our customers soon.

I was asked to pass this along. Our team does nothing more than Customer Support for StreamLicensing. All administrative and financial decisions are made at the Corporate level in Orlando, FL. I have faith they will resolve this quickly.


070617 - 0930 hours (Pacific time)

This email was sent out today to a lot of customers.  It seems that SL is not in compliance with the rules of ASCAP and ASCAP is asking broadcasters to pay them directly.

Since this is breaking news, with no comments from SL (yet), we will keep this thread updated with the latest developments.  Stay tuned.


Radio ***** Application for ASCAP License
From Max DeMagistris mdemagistris@ascap.comhide details
To *****@aol.com
Thank you for valuing the music you use on your service by obtaining an ASCAP license via Streamlicensing.com. We’re writing with some important updates.

Regrettably, Streamlicensing.com has not complied with the terms of its ASCAP license agreement. As a result, its license has been terminated (effective June 30, 2017) and, therefore, it can no longer provide you with the right to perform ASCAP music on your service after July 1, 2017. In the absence of a license, performances of music in the ASCAP repertory are unauthorized.

Thankfully, ASCAP has an easy-to-use, economical license agreement for service operators such as yourself via its new, on-line licensing portal. Moreover, ASCAP is offering all Streamlicensing customers who obtain an ASCAP license directly from our portal a one-time, courtesy discount of $50 in recognition of Streamlicensing’s failure to maintain the license coverage that it sold to you.

To obtain your discounted ASCAP license agreement, simply go to licensing.ascap.com from any PC, tablet or smartphone and within a few clicks you can finalize your new ASCAP license. Please note that you will need to pay with a major credit card to obtain the new agreement.

While Streamlicensing’s ASCAP license will terminate on June 30, 2017, ASCAP is affording all Streamlicensing customers a grace period through July 31, 2017 to obtain an ASCAP license directly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (212) 621-5698 or mdemagistris@ascap.com.

Thank you!**

Thursday, July 6, 2017

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