6/22/18 - 1900 hours (pacific time)

We are back online with SC8.  The Data Center thinks it was a loose cable.

Fingers crossed.


6/22/18 - 1840 hours (pacific time)

The Data Center has confirmed that the disk drive went out.

They are replacing it and then we have to restore from a backup.

We will be down for 3 - 12 hours during the repair.


6/22/18 - 1818 hours (pacific time)

SC8 is not responding for some customers, but it is for others.

We have put in a ticket with the Data Center just now.  It usually takes them 2 - 8 hours to answer (it's the European DC).

We will update this when they respond.  It appears to be a bad disk drive.

Friday, June 22, 2018

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