6/11/20 - 1400 hours (pacific)

The new server to replace SC7 has been very stabel.

We plan to replace the present SC7 (in Florida) with the new one.

The transistion date will be announced soon.


6/10/20 - 1800 hours (pacific)

SC7 has major issues on 6/5/20 (for 6 hours) and 6/7/20 (for 1 hour).

We have obtained a new server in the Hivelocity Data Center in New York.

Centovacast has been set up and is running.

If we have any more difficulties the SC7 in the CloudSouth Data Center in Florida, we are prepared to switch it to the DC in NYC.

If you took our advise and send your listen links out as:
nd NOT

hen you have nothing to worry about.  If you didn't listen to our advise and used the latter link, that you may have to change your listen link(s).

The new server address is:

More news in the coming days.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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