6/15/20 - 2235 hours (pacific time)

We apologize for the downtime of the new SC7 located in Florida (CloudSouth).  The Data Center hosts WordPress, a huge internet company, so we assumed they would be reliable. 

They had 2 outages, one on 6/5/20 for 6 hours and one on 6/7/20 for 2 hours.  They blamed it on an Internet carrier, Cogent, which had issues.

Sorry to say this, but we are once again moving SC7 to a new Data Center.  This one is HiVelocity, which has an impeccable reputation for reliability.  They have automated peering, which means if one carrier (Cogent, for example) has issues, it automatically switches to another carrier.  The Florida Data Center didn’t have this ability.  The Data Center is located in New York City.

The new IP address is:

If you used http://sc7.shoutcaststreaming.us:xxxx (where xxxx is your port #) then you will be OK.  Hopefully you didn't use as we advised against.

The cutover will be Thursday June 18th at 2200 hours (Pacific time).  Both the old SC7 and the new SC7 will stay working until the end of the month.  Then only will be working.

Monday, June 15, 2020

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