Data Center Fire

  • Tuesday, 6th April, 2021
  • 18:18pm
4/12/21 -1330 hours

The latest from WebNX Facebook: 

We are quickly approaching the halfway mark with server inspections. Our rough estimates place about 20% of servers in need of some repairs. These repairs range from something as simple as a battery replacement to a new CPU. Data from these machines appear to mostly have remained intact, with few exceptions. Servers that are still down should be up and running at the very latest by Friday. Thank you so much for all your patience throughout this time. We truly appreciate the loyalty we have seen from our customers and members of the online community.


4/10/21 - 2130 hours (packifc)


4/9/21 - 1300 hours (pacific)

We had 30 servers down as of Wednesday.  It's now at 22 down.

The DC is slowly bringing back servers on-line.

Not quick enough for us.


4/6/21 - 1800 hours (pacific)

Some servers are up .. some servers are still down.  The VPS servers are all down at the moment.

They are still working on restoring all servers at the Data Center.

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