Player Issues

  • Friday, 15th October, 2021
  • 23:10pm

1150 hours - 10/17/21

We are working on the HTML5 player.

It may appear strange until we complete our server uploads.


0900 hours - 10/17/21

We just found out why the CD covers aren't appearing.

Apple (iTunes) is blocking our server for too many requests.

Now that we know that the issue is, we will work on a solution.


0030 hours - 10/17/21

Getting support from iTunes / Apple is like pulling teeth.

We are still not sure what changes Apple made to the iTunes API.

As soon as we make any progress, we will let you know.


2300 hours - 10/15/21

There are issues with our HTML5 & SmartPhone players where the CD artwork is not displaying.

The problems are with iTunes, where we get the artwork from.

We are monitoring the situation and hopefully will be rectified soon.

2320 hours . 10/15/21

Also because of the iTunes issue, the player is slow loading.

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