SC6 is down

  • Friday, 13th January, 2023
  • 19:31pm

1/13/23 - 2330 hours

SC6 is back up.


1/13/23 - 2025 hours pacific

We have put in ticket / emailed / call on phone (on hold for 30 minutes) and can't get them to respond.

Our support login isn't working.

SC6 might be down until Saturday.


1/13/23 - 2000 hours

What happened is we received a new credit cant.  Our old card was declined and they shut down us down.

They are not answering their phone.  We put in a ticket but they haven't responded.

We will get SC6 back up as soon as we reach their support (in Germany).


1/18/23 - 1929 hours pacific

SC6 id down.

We just put in a ticket with the Data Center.


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