SC1 Back Up

  • Monday, 30th March, 2009
  • 22:24pm

** UPDATE ** The DC fixed the READ ONLY problem .. we are back on-line and should stay up now.

** UPDATE ** .. The drive is now READ ONLY .. so all Control Panel status of servers don't display correctly and no files can be saved.  The DC took SC1 down again at 2010 hours to try to fix it. 

The DC managed to get SC1 back on-line with the cloned disk drive B.  Drive A was taken out of service.

An issue is when you go to the control panel to turn on your stream (or off) it reports an error, but it actually does turn on the stream.  There is some file permissions we have to change.

Your server will work for broadcasting, just the status will be wrong in the CP.

We will have this fixed soon.


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