SC13 down

  • 28th August 2023

8/28/23 - 2300

SC13 is down .. we are working on getting it back up.


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SSL Issues

  • 24th August 2023
8/24/24 - 2100 hours Dennis fell and got hurt. Please have a bit of sympathy for him. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you absolutely can't wait until he is able to lift his arm, I'll issue a refund and you can find another resource.   8/24/23 - 1300 hours We are having issues with our SSL streams. We are working on resolving the ...
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SSL Control Panel

  • 15th June 2023

2000 hours - 6/15/23

If you need to make changes to your SSL credentials, please put in a ticket and we will manually do it. The panel is being worked on.

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SSL Streams

  • 25th May 2023
2030 hours - 5/25/23 SSL streams coming  back to normal. ================== 1620 hours - 5/25/23 Still not working .. we are still working on a fix. ================== 0930 hours - 5/25/23 We are forecasting that the SSL streams will be back around 1020 hours (pacific time). ================= 0900 hours - 5/25/23 The SSL streams are ...
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