SmartPhone Mobile Player now works with SHOUTcast Versions 1 & 2

2200 - 04/27/17

NEW - We have now added SHOUTcast version1 to the player.  We know that a lot of broadcasters still haven't upgraded to version 2, so This will help you out.

If you presently have our old Mobile Phone player and want to upgrade for FREE, let us know.

27th Apr 2017
NEW Payment Method - ACH

2200 - 0427/17A few of our customers have asked us if we can deduct their monthly bill from their checking account.We have installed a new payment gateway, called STRIPE ACH.On your invoice, from the dropdown box on the upper right select STRIPE ACH.It will ask you for 4 things: Name on the Account Routing Number (a 9 digit number, usually ... Read More »

27th Apr 2017
NEW Smartphone Mobile Player

0930 hours - 4/25/17Our brand new Smartphone Mobile Player is now ready.It works on iPhone / iPad / Most AndroidsFeatures: Control Panel to set up / modify Station information Displays Artist / Title / CD name / CD artwork Refreshes information on Song Change Links for Facebook / Twitter / Website Has an iTunes buy link Live ... Read More »

25th Apr 2017
Brand NEW SmartPhone mobile player

0830 hours - 04/18/17

Check out our newest product, the Smartphone Mobile player:

It will be available in early May.

18th Apr 2017
SC6 & SC8 are down

1845 hours - 03/01/17Finally got though to the DC and they said the servers are UP but there is an issue with the data communications between the US and EUR and they should have it resolved in an hour or so.------------------1600 - 03/01/17The entire Data Center (in Germany) is down, so SC6 and SC8 are not responding.We can't even put in a ticket, ... Read More »

1st Mar 2017
Late Fees have increased

2/23/17 - 2000 hours

We have changed our late fees.

Here is the new structure:

10% of the invoice
or $2.00

Whichever is the higher amount.

For most customers, this will not affect you.

23rd Feb 2017
SHOUTcast is now inserting ADs into your Stream

2/16/17 -2200 hours SHOUTcast has admitted they made a mistake and backed out the Ads. Yea. Seems they did it by mistake during some testing: -------------------------------------------------- 2/15/17 - 2100 hours As of yesterday, SHOUTcast started automatically inserting Ads into ... Read More »

15th Feb 2017
DdOS Attacks

0900 hours - 01/28/17We cane back last night and once again they DDoS'ed us and the Data Center took us down by null-routing the server.You would think they would do their research better.  We don't host either site they are complaining about.As of now we are back up and have our fingers crossed that we won't be hit ... Read More »

27th Jan 2017
SC15 back up

1/6/17 - 1725

We sincerely apologize about SC15, but disk drives go out once in a while.  SC15 is our oldest server, so it wasn't a surprise.

Our backup that we restored from was from 12/28/16.  Due to the holiday schedule, we didn't have a later one.

If you lost any songs, let us know, it might be possible for us to recover them.

6th Jan 2017
SC15 Disk Drive has failed

1040 hours - 010617The Data Center reports that the disk drive on SC15 has gone bad and needs to be replaced.We will keep you informed.  --------------------------------------1230 hours - 010617Disk has been replace and we are adding software / restoring.PLEASE DON NOT TRY TO GET INTO CENTOVACAST UNTIL WE UPDATE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT AND SAY IT'S ... Read More »

6th Jan 2017