SC8 is being rebooted

2/14/19 - 1900 hours

An issue reported by a broadcaster has caused to reboot this server.  It should be back online momenterily.


2/14/18 - 1930 hours

SC8 is back working again.  Thanks for your patience.

14th Feb 2019
SC15 Server Maintenance

2/9/19 - 2200 hours

We need to re-start SC15 on Sunday 0000 hours (Pacific Time) for a kernel upgrade.

Your startion will be 'down' for 5 to 10 minutes during this time.

We apologize for this, but it's been over 1 year since we had to do this.

8th Feb 2019
New HTML5 Player / FLASH end of life

1/16/19 - 1700 hoursFLASH is being discontinued soon.  Our FLASH players have been reported to not work correctly is some browsers, such as the latest CHROME version.So we are bringing out a new series of HTML5 browsers that will work with CHROME and all other browsers.FLASH has reached it's end of life.Expected release date is sometime in ... Read More »

16th Jan 2019
PayPal issues

12/17/18 - 2200 hoursPayPal has restored our account. You can again make payment via PayPal. >>>>>>>>12/12/18 - 2109 hoursWe are having issues with PayPal. Some Payments  are not being accepted. Hooefully this will will be resolved in the next day or so. In in the meantime, please pay via Credit Card. We will update you ... Read More »

13th Dec 2018
EUR servers having issues

10/8/18 - 1530 hours (pacific)

Some sort of data communications issues in our European Data Center. 

It has went down and came up a few times the past few minutes. 

Technicians are addressing the issue.

8th Oct 2018
VPS server restarted

2000 hours (pacific) - 8/10/18

We reatarted one of our VPS servers (SC17) and you may have noticed about 15 monutes of downtime.

We apologize for this, but it needed to be done.

10th Aug 2018
SHOUTcast on SSL

We have a bunch of broadcasters requesting a SSL address (https://) for SHOUTcast.  This is because of the new Google requirement that all websites must have a SSL certivicate.SHOUTcast does not (at present) allow the use of SSL.  ICEcast does, but the implementation is fairly complicated.We are working on a solution to this issue.  It will ... Read More »

27th Jul 2018
SC8 not responding

6/22/18 - 1900 hours (pacific time)We are back online with SC8.  The Data Center thinks it was a loose cable.Fingers crossed.=====================6/22/18 - 1840 hours (pacific time)The Data Center has confirmed that the disk drive went out.They are replacing it and then we have to restore from a backup.We will be down for 3 - 12 hours during the ... Read More »

22nd Jun 2018
SC1 Issues - Hackers

5/5/18 - 13000 hours (pacific)

Centovacast died twice today on SC1 as hackers tried to force entry into the server.

We miteragated the issue and hopefully our fixes will keep them out.

We apologize for the downtime today.

5th May 2018
Happy Earth Day !!

Save a tree -- recycle paper & cadrdboard.  Thanks.

23rd Apr 2018