SHOUTcast premium subscriptions

  • 3rd July 2021
7/2/21 = -0100 hours Centovacast has been updated to the latest version, 3.2.15. One of the new features is if you are a SHOUTcast premium subscriber, you can enter your user id / license # into Centovacast to unlock AAC+ and broadcasting at speeds over 128 kbps. Go to Settings > SHOUTcast and at the bottom you will see where to enter the ...
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SC6 down

  • 2nd May 2021

5/2/21 - 1600 hours

SC6 isn't responding.

We just put in a ticket with the Data Center.


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SC13 down

  • 14th April 2021
04/14/21 - 1500 hoursSC13 is back up.Several of the fans, including the CPU fan, burned up which caused the server to overheat.They were replaced and brought back online.If you still are having connection issues, please put in a ticket.==========4/14/21 - 1300 hoursThe Data Center has not told up how long the outage would last.As soon as we find ...
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Data Center Fire

  • 6th April 2021
4/12/21 -1330 hoursThe latest from WebNX Facebook: We are quickly approaching the halfway mark with server inspections. Our rough estimates place about 20% of servers in need of some repairs. These repairs range from something as simple as a battery replacement to a new CPU. Data from these machines appear to mostly have remained intact, with few ...
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