SC6 (and SC8) IP Change to new Data Center

  • 9th February 2021
2300 hours - 2/9/21Because of all the system down time the past few weeks on SC6 and SC8, we are moving to a new Data Center.The IP change will take place on 2/16/21.The IP address of the new SC is: you use as the link given to iTunes / TuneIn / etc. then you are good to go.The few stations on SC8 ...
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Deleting System Configuration on Dedicated Servers

  • 5th February 2021
1745 hours pacific time - 02/05/21When we deliver a new Dedicated Server we set up: APF firewall BFD Brute Force Detection HTOP monitor Webmin System Administration We noticed that some customers delete important software / system settings.  Then they require support to do certain tasks.If you modify the system settings (SSH port as an ...
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SC8 has a new IP address

  • 13th January 2021
1/13/21 - 0900 hours

THe conversion of SC8 is now complete.

This is the new IP address of SC8:
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SC13 down

  • 8th January 2021

1/8/21 1655 hours

SC13 back up.


1/8/21 - 1645 hours 

SC13 not responding.

Data Center is looking into this.

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