SC1 having issues

  • 26th May 2009


*** Although SC1 is back up, it is having network issues.  The Data Center is looking at it **

SC1 started having issues at 1630 hours pacific.  We are trying to resolve them.


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SC7 buffering

  • 22nd May 2009


Our Data Center reports that SC7 is having issues on it's data segment.

They are working on it and it should be resolved shortly.

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SC1 / SC7 / SC9 down

  • 5th May 2009


The data center at 1 Wilshire is down.  We do not have any estimates right now of how long they will be down.

Please check back for updates.


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sc7 routing issues

  • 28th April 2009


We are currently having routing issues with sc7. We are aware of the problem and working on getting the issue fixed. You may experience some possible issues trying to connect to the server.

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