NEW SC13 IP Address

  • 28th April 2009

** URGENT **

Please change the IP address of SC13 to .. it may take up to 24 hours until the DNS resolve.  Until that time, use the numbic IP.

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SC13 IP change

  • 27th April 2009

We are upgrading SC13 and it requires a new IP address from  ...

If you use "" your downtime will be minimum .. We will post the new IP when it is done.


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sc1 routing issues

  • 24th April 2009
[Resolved:  It was some dead routes between and our Data Center.  All should be well.] At the present time, some customers may experience issues with reaching sc1 and sc7. If you are having problems with this, PLEASE OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET WITH A COPY OF A TRACE ROUTE (in DOS, type in tracrt ). Please also include your IP ...
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8000 series issues

  • 22nd April 2009
[RESOLVED] Our Data Center finally discovered what has plagued ports 8000 - 8126 on SC1 and SC7. The issue was new firmware / software in their edge routers.  They made a configuration error setting it up. All should be well now.  If there are any issues, let us know. We have moved most of the 8000 series broadcasters to other ...
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