OS update for all servers

  • 20th December 2020
12/30/20 -0930 hours (pacific)The next server to be done is SC9 on 1/4/21 at 2000 hours pacific time.It will be down for 1-4 hours for the upgrage.===========================================12/27/20 = 0000 hoursSC15 is being updated .. it should be back up within 2 hours===========================================12/20/20 - 1330 hours (pacific)Most ...
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SC8 down

  • 17th December 2020
12/17/20 - 2015 hours

SC8 is back working.


12/17/20 - 1945 hours

Siill down.  They are still working on the server.


12/17/20 - 1820 hours

The Data Center made changes to SC8 which caused it to crash.

We are working on it now.
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Centovacast down on SC7

  • 21st November 2020
11/21/20 - 1010 hoursControl Panel is back working again.We apologize.  We were installing a SSL certificate and things went souuth.If you are having issues, please put in a ticket.<><><><>11/21/20 - 0950 hoursStreams are back working, but the CP is stall down.<><><><><>11/21/20 - 0900 ...
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HTML5 & SmartPhone Players - SSL

  • 26th October 2020
10/26/20 - 1940 hours (pacific)Our HTML5 player can play SSL (https://) streams.  Also it can play as a secure SSL player.Here are the steps:1- In the HTML5 Control Panel under IP address of stream - enter your stream IP2- In the SSL stream ... select either non-ssl (http://) or SSL stream (https://)If you want it to run as SSL the URL would ...
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