SC7 went down

  • 30th March 2009
At 1230 hours (pacific) SC7 went off line.  There was a problem at the Data Center with the router. If you stream does not work, you have to go into your Control Panel and either Start or Re-start the server. ** UPDATE **  The reason we went down (again at 1520 hours) is that our data center is putting in a new disk drive on SC1 and ...
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SC1 - Down Time

  • 29th March 2009

Our Data Center is going to replace the bad disk drive in SC1 on Monday, March 30th.

We expect from 2 to 4 hours of downtime, as we have to re-load off of the Shoutcast / Control Panel / mp3's back on the new drive.


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SC1 Bad Drive - Down Time

  • 27th March 2009

There is a bad disk drive in SC1.

The Data Center wants to replace it before we crash, but we want to schedule it at a off-peak time.  We are still conferring with them when to do it.  We would like it to happen after midnight.

Check back for more details.  But, it will be sometime this week, or early next week.

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DdOS Sale

  • 25th March 2009

Check out our sale we are having on LoudCity and Radio Tool Box.

A maximum of 100 slots is available at these blow out prices.

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