SC7 problems

  • 14th April 2009

We are currently experiencing problems with sc7. We are working to get these problems resolved, but intermittent disconnections could occur. We aplogize about this and should have the issue resolved shortley.

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SC13 Maintenance - April 4th

  • 3rd April 2009

BurstNET will be performing some electrical maintenance on their PA facility from 6 AM to 8 AM (eastern time) on April 4th.

This may cause some down time for SC13.

We apologize for this.

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SC11 down

  • 1st April 2009

We are currently experiencing problems with sc11. We are aware of the problem and are working towards a solution. We apologize about this.

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SC1 Back Up

  • 30th March 2009
** UPDATE ** The DC fixed the READ ONLY problem .. we are back on-line and should stay up now. ** UPDATE ** .. The drive is now READ ONLY .. so all Control Panel status of servers don't display correctly and no files can be saved.  The DC took SC1 down again at 2010 hours to try to fix it.  The DC managed to get SC1 back on-line with ...
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