DdOS Sale

  • 25th March 2009

Check out our sale we are having on LoudCity and Radio Tool Box.

A maximum of 100 slots is available at these blow out prices.

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Client Area Passwords

  • 24th March 2009

We moved our support / billing system from POWWEB webhosting to a dedicated server.  POWWEB was down for 4 hours a week ago and this was the 2nd time in 2 months.

Client area passwords were not working, but we have resolved the issue.  All passwords and e-mail reminders are now functioning.


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Back To Normal

  • 22nd March 2009

All streams on SC8 and SC12 are now moved to one of the new servers, SC1.

If we forgot to migrate any of you streams, please let us know.

We should be back to normal now.

We apologize for any down time you might have experienced.

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** URGENT ** - SC8 Broadcaters Migration to SC1

  • 20th March 2009
We have sent all SC8 broadcasters an e-mail about the switch over to SC1.  All Auto DJ / songs / FTP have been moved over to SC1 and working.  If you have not received the e-mail, please put in a ticket with us. Basically, if you were on you are now on, ...
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