Changes to Shoutcast Genre - Please Read

  • 18th February 2009

On February 25th, 2009 Shoutcast will be making some changes to the Genre field.  If you do not match one of there genres, you might not get listed.

Please read and review the following from Shoutcast and update your stream(s):


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Auto DJ users - Media Library

  • 16th January 2009

Attention Auto DJ users:

If you bring up your media library in Microsoft IE and it just says "Loading, please wait ... " and it just stays there, do the following.

Until the issue is resolved, switch to FireFox.  The other thing you can do is to delete your cache / temporary internet files in IE.  Then try again.


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Google Map for Listener Location

  • 7th December 2008
We have had a few compliants that the new Google map only has one push-pin per country.  Actually that was designed by the software company to make it less cluttered and to speed up the processing. We listened to you and uploaded a 30 meg database with Geo IP cities.  Now when you look at your Google map, it will have all the listeners ...
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PayPal Subscription vs PayPal Montyly Invoices

  • 5th December 2008
Our new billing system sends out invoices to everybody about 1 week before your account is due. If you are on a PayPal subscription, it will be paid AUTOMATICALLY on the due date by PayPal.  It does say this in the invoice.  There is no need to pay the invoice if you are on this automatic subscription system.  It is just a ...
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