Google Map for Listener Location

  • 7th December 2008
We have had a few compliants that the new Google map only has one push-pin per country.  Actually that was designed by the software company to make it less cluttered and to speed up the processing. We listened to you and uploaded a 30 meg database with Geo IP cities.  Now when you look at your Google map, it will have all the listeners ...
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PayPal Subscription vs PayPal Montyly Invoices

  • 5th December 2008
Our new billing system sends out invoices to everybody about 1 week before your account is due. If you are on a PayPal subscription, it will be paid AUTOMATICALLY on the due date by PayPal.  It does say this in the invoice.  There is no need to pay the invoice if you are on this automatic subscription system.  It is just a ...
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Reseller Accounts

  • 29th November 2008

We now have the ability to offer reseller accounts.

We can brand the control panel with your own logo.

E-mail us at for more information.

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New Control Panel

  • 22nd November 2008

We have upgraded our Control Panel with plenty of new features:

  • Better Statistics
  • Google Maps
  • Song Statistics
  • Quick Links

The new panel is active on all servers.

If you find any problems, please put in a ticket.


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