SC7 IP Change

05/21/20 - 2100 hours (pacific)DNS change of SC is complete.The new numeric addriss of SC7 is: you have any questions, please put in a suppsort ticket.<><><><>05/20/20 - 1146 hoursThe IP change for SC7 will happen at 8 PM (pacific time) on May 21st.The new IP address is: you have any questions, ... Read More »

20th May 2020
SC6 Maintenance

0015 hours - 5/5/20
The Daya Center will be doing maintenance on SC6 on 5/11/20 & 5/13/20.

Hours are between 8 PM and 3 AM CEST (Central Europe summer time).

SC6 May be down for up to 60 minutes.

5th May 2020
New IP address on May 21 for SC7

As we have said, SC7 will be moving from its Data Center in Montreal.  This is being done as iWeb has filed for Chaoter 11 bankruptcy and we don't want any disruptions because of that.  We have been on SC7 for 8 years with great service.  However, that could change at any moment.  Therefore, we have to take the precautionary step to move away ... Read More »

3rd May 2020