HTML5 Players Working in CHROME - SHOUTcast version 2

3.28.21 - 1730 hours

Good news.  The HTML5 players are now working (playing) in CHROME.  This is for SHOUTcast version 2 only.  Version will be working in a few days.

We made your stream SSL so it will play.

If you need your new SSL credentials, please put in a support ticket.

29th Mar 2021
SmartPhone Control Panel

3/24/21 - 1400 hours

The SmartPhone Control Panel is working again.

If your user name / password isn't working, please put in a ticket with your login name & password and we will update it.

24th Mar 2021
HTML5 Player Control Panel

3/23/21 - 1530 hours

The Control Panel for the HTML5 player is now working.

The Control Panel for the SmartPhone player will be working in a few days.

23rd Mar 2021
Work-around for Players in CHROME

2/15/21 -2100 hours (pacific)We have a way to get the p;layers play in CHROME.  We are still working on the permanent solution1- If you were using: for the time being go to: I were going to: for the time being go ... Read More »

16th Mar 2021
HTML5 & iPhone Players - Now PLAYING in CHROME

3/14/21 - 1333 hours (pacific)

After since we upgraded our players servers (SC30) the HTML5 player and SmartPhone player no longer work in CHROME.

The PLAY button is greyed out.

We are aware of this issue and are trying to find a work-around.

14th Mar 2021
Our Status

3/13/21 - 1700 hours (pacific)

After a rocky 36 hours, we are now upgraded and solid.

Please check if you have made any payments that we did not apply to your account.   Just give us the transaction # / date / amount and we will update your account.

Also if you are having any other issues, please put in a ticket.

14th Mar 2021
We are back

3.12.21 - 2030 hours (pacific)After a rocky 24 hours, we are back online.We updated from CenTOS 6 to version 7 and also updated PHP from 5.3 to 7.0 .. and it caused a ton of issues.HTML5 players and SmartPhone players are working again.  If the play button is greyed out, then you are probably on CHROME and don't have a secure SSL stream.Please ... Read More »

13th Mar 2021
SC1 issues

3/12/21 - 1410 hours SC1 had some issues with Centovacast not running. The issue was it ran out of disk space on the /root directory. We expanded the directory and restarted the server (several times) and it is working again.

11th Mar 2021
HTML5 & iPhone Players - Maintenance

We are upgrading all servers from CenTOS 6 to CenTOS 7. The OS (CenTOS 6) has reached it's End of Life last month and to continue on would post a huge security risk. So on 3/11/21 at 1800 hours, we will upgrade the server (SC30). Your player(s) will be OFF the AIR for approximately 2 to 5 hours. We apologize, but it's something that must ... Read More »

5th Mar 2021