SC15 coming up

  • 30th March 2022

2300 hours /3/0/22

We need to re-create you account.

So, it you can't log in, please put in a ticket with the following information:



Source password:

Account Password:

Auto DJ (Yes or No)


Make sure ALL information is entered.  If not, it will cause a delay.


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SC15 disk issue

  • 28th March 2022
3/30/22 = 1900 hours The disk drive cannot be recovered. We will install a new version of Centovacast on SC15 today.  We will be taking it down for about 1 hour as we re-set it up. We are sending out emails of your new login / password. Please put in a support ticket if you don't receive it. Apologize for the disk ...
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SC6 down for maintenance

  • 14th March 2022

SC6 will be down for 1 hour for move to new Data Center.

March 15th between 0000 hours and 0400 Frankfurt time.


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