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To relay a stream go to your Control panel.  There are two fields that you have to modify.  You MUST enter in both values.

 RelayServer - Enter the IP address in this field.  Example:

RelayPort - Enter the port number of the stream.  Example: 9074


You CAN NOT relay ANY streams from .. This is a service that allows someone to get up to 500 streams for free.  The down side of this is that:

  1. Their servers go down a lot.
  2. They have a firewall enabled, so you can not use an IP address such as in WinAmp.  They block all connections.  Hence, you can't relay the port.

It also is important that you RESERVE a spot on the server that your relaying FROM to the server that you are relaying TO.  So, you must put an entry in the RIP list.  Go to your Shoutcast DNA's of the broadcasting server and ADD the IP address of the destination server.

Some ports are blocked by our firewall.  If you want to use a port over 9999, please contact us and we will unblock for you.  Normal ports (8000 - 9999) should work.


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