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Here is a guide on how to set-up On-Demand Streaming.

NOTE: This is an additional paid subscription service that is an add-on to your regular server.

1- Go to your SCpanel log-in.  We will use account s9074 on server SC7.

2- Click on On-Demand Content Management (BETA)

3- To upload a song, click on Upload On-Demand Content for your radio, browse to the file you want to upload, and then click on SEND IT

4- If you want to view your current files, click on Manage/View current On-Demand Content of your radio.  Here you can also change the names of the files, and delete files.

5- Remember, we are using port 9074 on server SC7.   The actual link of the file is: .. this would be the clickable link that you would put on your website.


To create a playlist file (m3u) or (pls) .. Here is an example using the song we just uploaded.  If you listeners click on the file playlist,pls, they would automatically have WinAmp open up and the file would play.  The Artist / Title would be displayed in the WinAmp play window.

FILE: listen_texan.pls

Title1=Sean Patrick McGraw - All Things Texas


You can add songs to the playlist by adding File2, File3, File4, etc. and by increasing the numberofentris.  You can have several playlists on your website.  Each one can be made clickable to automatically play music.  Only MP3 files are supported.

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