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Shoutcast has made some recent changes to the Genre catagory that you should be aware of.  Please read this first:

Rule #1 - Limit your Genre to a few genres, such as:

Country, Alt-Country, Western

If you try to put in every Genre possible, chances are you won't get listed.  This is a example that might not work:

Rock, Blues, Modern, Pop, 80's, Techno, Jazz, Disco, Smooth Jazz, Bluegrass, Japanese, Heavy Metal

Rule #2 - Make sure that your server is public in the Shoutcast DNA's

Go to your Control Panel.  For example, if you are on server SC8, go to:

Log In > Configure Server > Server Overrides > Public Server

  • If this is set to AUTOMATIC, it should work
  • If you are still not listed, set it to ALWAYS

Rule #3 - It takes a while

Sometimes it will take 24 hours before you are listed.  The YP (yellow pages) server(s) get out of synch and it may take time.

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