FTP - Upload Your Songs

To use Auto DJ you must upload your songs to our server.

Auto DJ MUST USE ONLY mp3 files. No exceptiions. No WAV, AAC or WMA files.

We strongly recommend that you use a free File Transport Protocal (FTP) program called FileZilla. You can download it here:


STEP # 1

Here is how the set up looks:

STEP # 2 - Log In

Host ID: Enter the IP address of the server (from your e-mail)

Server Type: use FTP

Logontype: use NORMAL

User: user name (from e-mail) c9094

Password: ****** (from your e-mail)

HIT CONNECT and it should log you on. If not, note the error # (on top) and give it to our technician when asked.

STEP # 3 - Upload Your Files

Upload all of the MP3 files that you want to be in your playlist(s).

Here is a screen shot of the upload page:

Find and highlight the files you want to upload and either double-click them or right click and select upload.

STEP #4 - Update Playlist

Your files are now uploaded. See the next tutorial on how to set up your playlist(s).

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