How To Diagnose What Is Wrong With Your Stream

There are several tools that are useful try to figure out why you can not connect to your stream, or why it is re-buffering.

1- Perform a ping to the host .. EXAMPLE:

  • Go to a command prompt > START > RUN > CMD
  • Issue the following command: ping (or the address of your broadcast server)
  • You should see no time outs and the time should be reasonable 300msec or less .. 100msec or less is best

2- Perform a Trace Route

  • Go to a command prompt > START > RUN > CMD
  • Issue the following command: tracert (or the address of your broadcast server)
  • Look at each hop to make sure there aren't timeouts

3- Do a WinMTR test

  • Download the following free software, WinMTR, from . .
  • Install the software
  • Easy to run .. doing 100 iterations is best
  • Save the info in a text file and post it to the ticket, if requested
  • This is similar to the Trace Route, but with more information
  • Look to see if there are any trouble hops along the way

Somtimes the problem isn't with the Stream Host's server, but communications along the way.

If the very 1st hop is having problems, check your NIC and / or your RJ-45 patch cable to the router / hub / switch.

If all else fails, put in a trouble ticket.

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